Getting to know you

A Different Approach

Your identity is more than just a name, logo, or tagline.

It’s no longer enough to simply communicate WHO you are. Today, you must clarify WHY and HOW you exist and operate. Our firm helps people and organizations understand themselves with greater clarity, and thereby accelerate growth and success.


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We help clients clarify their own personal positioning, empowering them to crystallize the positioning and vision they wish upon their brands and products.

our Process

Multinational corporations, Non-Profit organizations, government bodies, artists, executives, and many others have benefited from our methodologies, and — in turn — we learn from each of our clients. This mutual exchange, blended with years of carefully refined systems and principles, is known as the deW Process© and practiced in businesses and other settings worldwide.

We look forward to discussing your challenges and aspirations, developing a relationship that will strengthen and secure your success!


Organizational Acceleration

de Wolff advisors works to highlight the gaps between performance and potential, putting you back on track for success.

Change Management

Change can be imposed by circumstance, or it can be planned and adopted to encourage growth or improvement. We like the latter option. We manage both very effectively.

Editorial & Communications

We are skilled at crafting and refining the principal messages that a Brand or its senior executive wants to convey, internally and externally, and we ensure these messages are clear and actionable.

Executive & Personal Coaching

Coaching is not about bringing order and purpose into our client’s life, but rather providing them with the tools to clean things up themselves and find their own purpose, which has been there all along.

Marketing & BRand Strategy

A pioneer in interactive marketing and social engagement, Nicholas de Wolff currently advises politicians, executives, and organizations on social media best practices, community engagement, and creative promotion.

“Nicholas is someone who applies his inventiveness and creativity to getting the job done. He really understands the complex issues involved in moving projects forwards across different cultures and time zones in a global environment, and is someone with whom it is a pleasure to work.”

– Andrew H.

CTO, France Brevets

“Nicholas was of crucial value to our business, as we sought to identify our value to the marketplace. His commitment to brand strength, socially responsible business models, and ethical leadership would make him an extraordinary asset in any venture, commercial or non-profit.”

– Jian Z.

VP Advanced Technologies, Verance Corp.

“Nicholas is a marketing dynamo. He has an astute ability to analyze market and new media trends as well as communicate ideas persuasively.”

– J.Antonio M.

President & CEO, Filmmates Entertainment

“Nicholas provided invaluable advice to my political campaign. His keen insights and extraordinary editorial and communications talents proved crucial in ensuring that my vision was shared with the citizens of my city, with integrity and transparency.”

– Sharon S.

Mayor, City of Burbank, California

“Nicholas is one of the few people I know with a solid grasp of both the creative and commercial aspects of media and entertainment industries, which includes harnessing technology to drive and support creativity. He is a strategist and creative thinker with a good sense of humor which is important when getting technology and creative people to work together.”

– Sallie O.

Exec VP at Rogers & Cowan, an Interpublic Group company

“A pleasure to work with, Nicholas is very creative, knowledgeable and highly passionate about advertising and marketing. He possesses brilliant leadership qualities and terrific business acumen.”

– Tery S.

US Director of Digital Accounts Services, Marsteller Digital