I am slowly migrating to WordPress from my blog on Opera, in keeping with my sporadic adoption of new blogging platforms. Over the past 7 years, I have housed my blogs on:

I look forward now to seeing what delights, challenges, innovations, and hiccups WordPress has to offer, and will stay here for at least 6 months, come hell or high water, and possibly longer if this proves to be “the one”…kinda like any relationship: you give it your very best, plus a little.

Over the course of the next couple of months (until end of the year), I will be interspersing new posts with “oldies but goodies” from previous bloggings. I hope you will (a) enjoy my new online home, (b) subscribe via RSS, and (c) tell your friends!

In the meantime, as I am pulled out the door by my diminutive Tinkerbell escort, myself sporting a large curly wig, medallions and bell bottoms, I wish one and all a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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