This latest infograph, while interesting, also serves to demonstrate the need for some critical review of this meme. It’s all well  and good that publications, both online and off, are having a blast coloring up their data like a bunch of pre-K kids with a surfeit of Crayolas, but a little fact checking and editorial oversight would not go amiss. Can you spot the mistakes?:

A few of the errors and omissions worth noting:

  1. It should be “CERN”, not “CREN”. Furthermore, I though the acronym stood for “Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire”…
  2. Where is email?
  3. Where is AOL?
  4. Where are broadband and DSL? (it would be okay if space prevented inclusion of these otherwise compelling milestones, but then…well…Pizza Hut?!)
  5. That’s not a coaxial cable pictured for ‘76, that’s a CAT 5“modern” networking cable. Coaxial cable is like what they use for cable TV. Networking coax had ends that have a quater-turn quick connect fitting, and they were daisy-chained with T-junctions from device to device and had to have a special cap at the end of the cable (thanks to “darthmonkey” for this  observation)
  6. Whatever happened to Tim Berners-Lee?
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