We pass ballot initiatives with no method of funding. We put our legislature in a straitjacket with a 2/3 vote requirement on budgets and then ask them to fix our state’s problems. We make it easy to cut taxes, but impossible to raise them, meaning that a small majority can deprive the state of needed revenue. . . .We killed the dominant school funding mechanism by passing Prop. 13 and then demanded that the state fix it and fund our schools. . . . We want to protect OUR programs and cut THEIRS. . . . We are our own worst politician and our own worst enemy. We, the short-sighted, instant-gratification seeking, detail averse, California public. We refuse to see the difficult choices, nuance, and complicated details of public policy, yet we give ourselves the power to make laws that can virtually never be repealed.

LA Times reader Brandon Ruiz, quoted in 12/27 article about California’s political year.