“Nicholas’s vast knowledge of current trends, technology and his creative mind makes him my number one trusted advisor.”

– Jesse H.

Founder, National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY)

“Nicholas is straightforward and sincere, with a mix of passionate drive and personal humility that are incongruously compatible. To collaborate with him is to build something strong, something ingenious, with all angles covered. And to do so with someone that brings laughter and genuine care means a more inspired team and product.”

– Amina M.

Co-founder, Executive Creative Director, Stillmotion, Inc.

“de Wolff Advisors has provided me with more than I ever expected. Nicholas’ extensive knowledge, on almost every subject, has proven to be very comforting and resourceful at the various stages of building a business. His honesty and ability to brainstorm ideas without limiting them has allowed me to really think about the bigger picture of my business.”

– Jotham P.

Co-Founder, Fourpoint Media

“Nicholas is one of the most literate, creative, intelligent and inspiring people I know. Multilingual and multi-talented, he can envision and incorporate ideas from his various areas of expertise into one integral whole. Any project would benefit from his outstanding work and immense qualifications.”

– Adrianne D.

Founder, LA Modern Jazz Series

“Nicholas has been involved with the AFI’s Digital Content Lab program for some years now, and has been a great source of expertise and intelligence.”

– Nick D.

Senior Vice President, Media & Technology, American Film Institute

“One of the most intelligent, articulate and dedicated people I know. Whatever Nicholas sets his mind to, he succeeds at. I would work with him again in a heartbeat.”

– Steve H.

Founder and CEO, Founders Space