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We have distinctive knowledge and expertise to help you and your organization design and implement your growth and success


Organizational Acceleration

Challenge is a natural part of growth. Whether an organization responds to challenges proactively or retroactively can often mark the difference between competitive leadership and continuing market struggles. Omitting to address challenges is a surefire way to ensure failure. To remain competitive, organizations must ensure they minimize bottlenecks and struggles.

de Wolff Advisors works to highlight the gaps between performance and potential, putting you back on track for success. This assessment helps us to recommend appropriate transformational initiatives that move beyond the realms of brute restructuring, process transformation, or even talent reorganization. You and your organization are unique, and whether you are seeking to refresh your business strategy or maximize the potential of a team or an individual leader, we look forward to helping you transform and accelerate your success quotient in a manner that will ensure not only accelerated accomplishment but sustainable success.

“Nicholas led our organization from just a concept to reality in a remarkably short period of time. He displayed excellent negotiating skills and forged strong, creative partnerships with the business community that brought valuable expertise and resources to the organization during a critical time.”
Mark P., Oregon Story Board


Change Management

Many businesses and individuals engage our firm, with a very specifically communicated need, which we are more than ready to address. Noting a crisis, and setting out to deal with it, while often unaware that you are only addressing the symptoms of the true challenge facing your organization, is little more than a stop-gap measure, however well applied.

We work with you to discreetly identify the root causes of a challenge, and determine what steps might be taken to
manifest the most efficient, cost-effective, and positive long-term change, resulting in a stronger and more dynamic enterprise.

“I greatly enjoyed working with Nicholas. He brought energy and numerous innovative ideas while developing effective marketing and communications strategies. Nicholas is not one to accept status quo complacency – so always look for him to get the organization to achieve more.”
Mike D., General Manager, R&D, Thomson


Editorial & Communications

We are skilled at crafting and refining the principal messages that a Brand or its senior executive wants to convey, internally and externally, and we ensure these messages are clear and actionable.

Keeping the various stakeholders in a business relationship engaged is a constant challenge. Internal and external communications are not so much about getting a particular message to a particular listener, but rather ensuring that the RIGHT message inspires the RIGHT listener to ACT upon that message in a manner supportive of your business goals. The secret is in understanding what will move your potential client to take action. We can help.

“Nicholas has excellent communications skills and is very effective in “getting the message out”. He is very detail oriented and produces very polished products. It has been an absolute pleasure working with him.”
Kumar R., President and Board Member, igolgi inc.


Executive and Personal Coaching

People only function at peak performance when they are inspired to do so. Exhaustion and stress do not contribute to the bottom line. Often our perceived obligations lead us to a point where we lose control of our time, disconnect from our families, and we no longer seem able to tap into a degree of creativity and innovation that we vaguely remember possessing.

Executives are often called upon to mediate employee conflict, speak at public events, navigate culture differences, and more. Business schools and job training courses rarely provide them with the vital resources and skills necessary to meet these obligations. Nicholas de Wolff has worked with a broad spectrum of leaders, across a range of industries, helping them to develop their capabilities in diverse areas.

“Coaching is not about bringing order and purpose in to your client’s life, but rather providing them with the tools to clean things up themselves and find their own purpose, which has been there all along.”
Nicholas de Wolff


Marketing & Brand Strategy

Some of the world’s leading brands have relied on our extensive experience in Marketing & Brand Strategy. A pioneer in interactive marketing and social engagement, de Wolff currently advises politicians, executives, and organizations on social media best practices, community engagement, and creative promotion.

Identifying the nature and need of the customer, and connecting it to the identity and value of your offering is far more than just sales, advertising, PR, or branding. It is these things and a panoply of intangibles, sprinkled with a big handful of common sense, and served on a bed of freshly grown business acumen. It’s no longer about making sure that the customer gets it, but rather reaching that moment when the customer believes that YOU get it.

“Nicholas is a creative thinker and a passionate and eloquent communicator. Aside from being expert in his own business domain, Nicholas provides very good marketing strategy insights for just about any product or service.”
Brian C., Director of Marketing, Rain For Rent