Composers’ letters home from summer camp:

From Arnold Schoenberg:

Dear ma & pa. How are you? I am fine. Love Arnold. Arnold love, fine Am I. you are how? pa & ma dear. dlonrA evoL .enif ma I ?uoy era woH .ap & am am & ap ?woh era uoy .I ma enif ,evol dlonrA

Love, Arnie


From Philip Glass:

Hello heh heh hello, o-hell o-hell oh ellow ellow heh heh heh hello

mama mama muh muh muh-mah, ah ah ah ahhhh! Aye aye aye aye aye yam yam

yam Eye yam yam Fie aye aye aye fuh fuh fuh fie un yun yun yun Hah hah
aha hah

ow ow ow wow ow wow ow ow ah hah aha haha are are are are yuh huh huh
huh yuh you? oooh. oooooh.

Sincerely, Phil

Philip Glass in the WNYC studios on December 1...
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From Milton Babbitt:

Dear bi-polar source set, All members of the aggregate feelings matrix
are demonstrating maximum congruity with respect to the positive
experiential axis.

With affections invariant under transposition, Milton.


Anton Webern (c. 1913)

Hello. Hel. H.

Olleh. Lo. Fi.

I am I



Pierre Boulez (c. 1952):




Schoenberg is dead.

Q to N


John Cage:


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