In January of last year, I posted an article about CES, the reality of “innovation” and its place in the marketplace, and a look into where tablets and e-books came from (“ A Consummation Devoutly to be Wished ” – 01/10/2010).

A couple of months later, I posted a more in-depth review of some of the emerging tablet alternatives to Apple’s iPad (“ Tablet Computing: What Should You Do? ” – 04/06/2010).

It’s heartening to report, coming out of the 2011 CES, that most of my predictions and reviews have survived the shakeout, and are now being touted as frontrunners in the increasingly crowded race for market share. For a compelling rundown of some of the best tablets on offer at CES, check out Endgadget’s chart and links, highlighting their favorites (including my predicted – though not comprehensively admired – Dell, Kno, Lenovo, Notion Ink, and Vizio picks).

As I said over a year ago, Tablet devices will not only supplant netbooks (done), but also laptops, in time. This will be followed, in short order, by the demise of desktop towers – replaced by tablets, hybrid (tablet/laptop) devices, and docking systems that integrate them into home and business networks. Ignore them at your peril…