Too many startups are still pursuing strategic trajectories designed to afford them “quick exits”. While this has a valuable place in the larger marketplace (letting the larger companies focus on developing strong positioning and wide platform user bases, while the smaller and more nimble entities can innovate and then be acquired), the two models need to be far more interconnected than they are, as a matter of course. The “quick exit” dynamic of business building needs to be better contextualized, so one can only hope that the new breed of startups (emerging in the wake of mass executive level layoffs and payoffs) will begin to think and operate a little more like the old: let’s apply some focus on growth; let’s connect our endeavors in mutually supportive allegiances; let’s recognize the complex value of the ecosystem as a whole.

Let’s build our businesses as if they were meant to last forever. What we choose to do at any point along the way should be as a result of opportunity, not necessity or pre-ordained and inflexible design :