I’ve received a number of emails in the past couple of months, asking me to explain different functionalities of this blog, so I’m taking this quick opportunity to provide a quick primer on the different sections herein:

Main Body

Obviously, the body of text inhabiting the majority of the page represents the “content” of this blog, with entries posted on an “as inspired” basis. A link at the beginning of each entry allows visitors to leave comments, which you are warmly encouraged to consider doing, should you have thoughts, insights, questions, cookie recipes, or other valued contributions to make.

Right Column

Here’s where you can find some additional fun stuff!

The Subscribe tab let’s you enter your email address to subscribe to blog updates (no spam or other use of your email address). After you become a subscriber, you can also revisit this tab to manage your subscription details, or unsubscribe (though you would be sorely missed!).

The Categories tab allows you to selectively extract articles which relate to one or another particular topic area.

Recent Posts, Archives, and Search are self explanatory, I believe.

The GoodReads tab features a few random suggestions of books I have enjoyed, while the Good Tech tab features software or hardware I have found particularly compelling (currently, I am featuring Kovid Goyal’s impressive e-book management software app, “Calibre”; Scott MacGregor and Sherman Dickman’s powerful email management application, “Postbox”; and Matt Pizzimenti’s “Privacy Reclaimer”). The Good Sounds and Good Sites tabs respectively share some of my recent musical and internet discoveries.

Of course, if you find something in your wanderings that you think I and our readers might appreciate, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

Across the bottom of the whole site sits the Wibiya toolbar, which offers site search or Internet search tools, a remarkably accurate Multilanguage instant translation application, windows into my Facebook and Twitter pages, tools to share pages with all sorts of social bookmarks or sites of your preference, a “Facebook Like” button (which I do hope you will click!), a handy arrow to take you instantly to the top of whatever page you are on, and a minimize link, to hide the toolbar away discreetly.


The blog can be accesses from any page in the site, simply by clicking the green “db” icon at top right. Alternatively, you may follow the navigational hierarchy, and find the blog section within the “The Process in Action” section of the site.

So there you have it, a quick and easy primer, which I sincerely hope will make your time on this blog, and the site as a whole, more enjoyable and rewarding.

I am thrilled that you enjoy my and my fellow writers’ entries, and thank you for both reading and sharing these articles with your friends. We (myself and my fellow writers) are always aware that our contributions are part of larger conversations, and we hope that some of what we record here encourages you to get more actively involved in one or more of those interactions.