Just a short post to celebrate the fact that, after many moons of what I have referred to as “silly apps” (those fun, but ultimately useless casual game apps that have been deluging social media and mobile platforms) there have recently been (or soon will be) some heartening launches in Utility Apps, a few of which I wanted to share with you (already launched apps such as Gwabbit and Shazam have got their fair share of coverage, thus their absence from this list):

EvernoteI’m still working out whether I need more than Workflowy, but for those who require a truly cross-platform and comprehensive digital “string tied to your finger”, this is the current leader of the pack (or should that be herd?)

ScoutMobThink Foursquare turned back to front. I think this has a better chance of being what Geodelic (see below) seeks to be, and what the great Facebook page, Hidden Los Angeles, manages to achieve manually through the hard work of its editor, Lynn Garrett.

UMEEHas the truly Universal Remote finally been developed, without any Hardware offering? This app, described by its developer as “…more than just device control, UMEE gives you easy setup, an interactive program guide, social networking with check-in and sharing, and the ability to walk from room to room and control all your media devices with just a simple tap on the screen.”

ShopSavvy – Live, on-the-go price comparisons via barcode scanning.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary AppTake the mega heavy Collegiate Dictionary, with nearly a quarter of a million definitions, and squeeze it fluidly into an app for nearly every mobile platform. Gotta love it!

Word LensA very exciting new utility app for travelers! Translates signs and other printed text live (currently offering only Spanish to English, and vice versa, but the potential is thrilling)

On the cusp

Drive Me CrazyThe idea is compelling, but the execution could go either way. I think the next iteration of this app will either secure its fortune or seal its doom, depending on how it addresses the safety and “truth in reporting” questions many are asking. However, that said, I must reiterate that the vision that sits behind this idea is certainly welcome, and the team behind its development is a talented and experienced gang!

GeodelicTo be able to find the best restaurants, drycleaners, ATM, et al, relative to your specific location at any time, is a great concept. This app promises that, but its record on delivery of that promise is currently mixed.